Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sustainable Transport - a foldable scooter ?

How about a fold-able scooter as your transport? Yeah, that was the great invention that made MIT students to win the Year 2009 BuckMinster Fuller Challenge. I was and am always fascinated by the ingenuity and creativity of people around the world in general.

This group of students actually invented/proposed more than just a fold-able electric scooter. Their invention was really about a "comprehensive system", whereby the scooter is just one part of it. But the scooter is what astonishes me the most :-) especially because you can fold it.

Actually it would be much better if we can fold it into a comfortable chair. That way, we can stop under a shelter during heavy rain and sit on this comfy chair while waiting for the rain to stop or subside before continuing our journey.

Read more about the invention here ..

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