Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sustainable Transport - A2B Metro

What happens when you combine electric and pedal power ? You get A2B Metro bicycle or two-wheeler. Unfortunately for us Malaysians, Ultra Motor don't sell any of its cool two-wheeler products here yet. This product ins only available in a few countries - US, UK, Germany and India.

Is it because there is no demand for it ??? I don't think so. According to this website article, the largest number of motorcycles per person is in Malaysia & Greece.

There are few more cool environment friendly two-wheeler products by Ultra Motor ... read more here

Or perhaps, we could develop our own electric-pedal power product ?? With Malaysians being more aware and concerned of being more environment friendly, I believe this will be a very fruitful venture. Of course, the quality must be good. I have came across few online articles on a electric bicycle product which is imported from China and sold in Malaysia but it didn't look very good.

Update on 21-08-2009.

Looks like i was about 1 year too late to stumble upon A2B .. thestar motoring article actually carried an story on this about a year ago. You knwo what they, better late than never to find out something useful or interesting :-)

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