Friday, August 7, 2009

Book Review: Leadership and the One Minute Manager

This is not a latest book. In fact, it was it was written and published some 23 years ago. I just got the chance to read the book quite recently because it was kind of mentioned in my MBA text reading.

But it was a very good read. I like it very much because it was written in a dialog between experts in Situational Leadership and a curious person. I like it because it was written in a very simple and interesting language. It was like reading a story book !! I wish we can have more of similar format books.

And you know what, the concepts can be applied in our everyday life, be it at office or home. However, it may be a bit difficult at home because of sibling rivalry and jealously. You can't really treat kids differently unless they reach certain age to really understand what is happening.

One interesting quote from this book :

"Everyone is a potential high performer. Some people just need a little help along the way"

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