Friday, July 9, 2010

SharePoint 2010, the way moving forward ?

Until a few years ago, the demand for SharePoint 2003 developers and engineers in Malaysia was very low. But the demand picked up for developers and engineers knowledgeable in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or better known as MOSS 2007. And recently, Microsoft announced a new product called SharePoint 2010. It is the new version of MOSS 2007 and I guess SharePoint 2010 will have more followers in Malaysia.

Seems like Microsoft is betting their future in SharePoint and related technologies. More and more features or stand-alone products has been nicely integrated with SharePoint 2007. The same goes for SharePoint 2010 as well. I guess this trend will continue for future versions of SharePoint.

As in most new software products, SharePoint needs more power. Check out the requirements here.

Other technologies tightly integrated with SharePoint are MS-SQL 2005/2008, .NET 3 / 3.5 , IE 7 and Windows 2003/2008.

So, for those Microsoft technology enthusiasts, SharePoint is the way to go !!

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