Saturday, November 14, 2009

Enterprise 2.0, the way forward

Enterprise 2.0 are the new phenomenon in the business and social world. Basically it means organizations that enables and encourages true collaboration between employees as well between a organization with its key stakeholders such the customers and suppliers.

There are many motivations for organizations to embrace the Enterprise 2.0 culture. Highly distributed employees, more educated and demanding customers, and suppliers who are hard pressed to continuously improve product (& services) quality while at the time reduce cost and price of their offering. Only a truly collaborative environment can ensure the success of an organization in this competitive environment. The demand for social computing tools will also come from the younger generation of employees who will have a Facebook or Twitter account way before they join the workforce.

In the very near term, organizations must incorporate becoming an Enterprise 2.0 organization as part of the corporate strategy. The actions to be come an Enterprise 2.0 must come from the CEO and no one else. IT must given support to introduce tools that integrates seamlessly into employees' workflow. HR must come up with process and incentives to encourage employees to share and collaborate. Business groups must include knowledge capture using social computing tools as part of their day job. Finance must be able to capture the business value of true collaboration. and above all, the CEO must play an active role to make all these work!