Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yahooooooooooooo !! Got through my MBA !!

About an hour ago, my MBA course mate called me to inform that our Leadership Dynamics (LD) result is out !! Without any delay, I checked my results and thank GOD, I passed as with all my other 11 papers.

It was a great journey, a great learning experience, going through my MBA especially after about 10 years from my last qualification, a Masters in IT. The MBA program was offered locally at Institute of Training and Development (ITD Penang) by University of South Australia (UniSA). One of the greatest value that UniSA's MBA program offer is the diversity of its lecturers, bringing with them a very rich educational and real life experience. Some of them were actually practisioners in their respective fields. I have to thank my boss and employer for sponsoring me for this studies which costs quite a lot, RM33,800 to be exact.

Although we were exposed to many areas and topics, there are few subjects/topics that have caught my great interest for further studies & exploration. Emotional intelligence is definitely one of them. After reading an good article (a required study for our LD paper) by Daniel Goleman , I bought a book titled "Emotional Intelligence - Why it can matter more than IQ" by the same author. I have been half-way through it and its a very interesting and informative book. The author uses a lot of true stories and real world examples to explain his point and I find it very easy to understand his messages. Its kind of heavy but I think it will be useful now and in future. I strongly recommend for anyone interested to understand EQ more to read his book.

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Daniel Goleman's blog. Check it out.