Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Learn Thirukkural and Tamil

தமிழன் என்று சொல்லடா, தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில்லடா !!!

It has been a quite a while since I wanted to learn Thirukkural. My weakness in Tamil has been a delaying factor.

I came across a a very good site on Thirukkural recently. It has both the original text in Tamil and its translation in English. The site also allows you to subscribe to a daily dose on Kural for your reading pleasure.

So start today and don't procrastinate ..

நாளை என்ன நாளை, இன்றும் நல்ல நாள் தான் !!

Actually we can improve our Tamil along the way

The Tamil words was written using a cool online tamil editor called Quillpad Editor.

Check it out here

You just have to type in roman letters, and it will help you to translate the words into tamil. Really cool !!

தமிழை கற்போம், சமுதாயத்தை வலர்பொம்

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