Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Peter F.Drucker said on blogging ?

Hmm.. no no he didn't say anything about blogging Stick out tongue.. at least not that I am aware of ..

But he did say something on writing. In his article titled "Managing Oneself" published in 1999, he wrote that different types of people learn using different ways and guess what ?? SOME PEOPLE LEARN THROUGH WRITING

Yes !! some people learn by writing .. so I guess that includes bloggers as well .. so bloggers do learn something by blogging !! .. even if it not our original idea or article, i feel blogging reinforces what we have read or learned and it invites comments and that's more learning !!

So don't say or worry that blogging is wasting time or blogging is no use because people don't read your blog .. and I have also read somewhere that most blog posts are not read at all by another person . .. so what ??

I guess it doesn't matter (at least for me) if nobody reads my blog because I know that - in worst case scenario, I still learn something by posting an article and in the best case scenario, I made it possible for few others to learn with me as well .. after all sharing brings joy right??

I think blogging is also a form of risk taking .. you are sharing ideas and exposing yourself to criticism ...

You know what ?? Bosses can get their employees to blog about what they have learned in the internal and external trainings ... by this way you get the employees to pay attention and then you also can make sharing of the learning much easier and permanent .. kill two birds in one stone !!

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